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Meet Aiden!

Aiden is a 3rd grade student who was suspended from school because another child brought a doll to class. When Aiden tried to tell the teacher that the doll was not hers, she suspended both Aiden and the other child. Listen to her story!

Why are schools robbing our children of deserved class time for such frivolous incidents as bringing a doll to class?
Why are schools traumatizing and ostracizing our children for their mistakes instead of teaching them how to learn from those mistakes?
Why aren’t schools instituting mandated positive behavioral intervention supports that keep our children in school learning?
Why are schools not letting our kids be kids?

A moratorium on suspensions and expulsions MUST be put in place for ALL Louisiana’s children not just those in grades PreK-5.

We are asking our supporters to invest in FFLIC’s continued work to:

• Stop the school to prison pipeline to help children stay in school and reduce the possibility of incarceration.
• Provide training to parents and schools on positive behavioral intervention supports.

Please support the innocence of our kids…support and encourage them to do well… and most of all LET KIDS BE KIDS!