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Build a base of informed and active parents to transform oppressive systems into ones that uphold justice.

Objective 1: Develop statewide leaders
Objective 2: Host state-wide chapter meetings and leadership trainings


Outreach Initiative: In order to build a broad base of families whose children are caught in the juvenile justice system and those who are at risk of becoming involved in system through unnecessary suspensions, FFLIC does courtroom outreach, door knocking, and tabling events to provide information about our organization and services.

Leadership Development: Parents and community members must be informed about the juvenile Injustice and education systems in order to become effective advocates for their own children and other children affected by the systems. FFLIC provides training for families and communities members that will arm all those in attendance with the tools necessary to successfully advocate for ALL children and to develop campaigns that will transform the oppressive juvenile and education system.

Leadership Trajectory
Community Media Organizing Project
Human Rights Training

Paving Your Destiny by Owning Your Missteps (Project PYD): Project PYD is built upon FFLIC’s leadership trajectory and designed to change people’s perspective of themselves and their lives while arming them with the tools and access necessary to move past current situations and achieve the success they desire.