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 Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) wants to offer hope to incarcerated youth by delivering springtime goodies and letting them know we are fighting for them with donations and video messages to our Governor by March 31st, 2021.


#StandInHope2021, #LetKidsBeKids, #LoveBeyondBars, #NoMorePrisons


Spring is a time of renewal and hope. But for our incarcerated youth who have endured isolation and quarantine during the pandemic, it might be difficult to be hopeful. That is why we are asking you to please join with Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) and our generous corporate partner LUSH USA in supporting our youth in prison. Let’s offer hope to Louisiana’s incarcerated youth and their families so they will know that they are not alone in these difficult times.

With your financial support, FFLIC will deliver springtime goodies such as candies and LUSH body care product gift bags to youth facilities in Louisiana. This will be the second springtime since the pandemic started and our incarcerated youth need your support more than ever. We want them to know we are rooting for them!

Please donate at: or CashApp $FFLIC

Along with your donation, you can also contribute to this cause by taking action!



  1. Spread the word with others about this event by “going” to Facebook event and sharing on social media.
  2. Create a video message of hope and tag Governor Edwards to ask him to Stand in Hope by divesting in prisons and investing in communities. Only positive messages please!
  3. Post a message on social media to Governor Edwards. (Sample messages below).

Below is some guidance on how to send the video and sample messages. For any option, please use the hashtags:  #StandInHope2021 #LoveBeyondBars #LetKidsBeKids #NoMorePrisons


Post the video on your social media page and tag us @fflicla as well as @LouisianaGov (FB and twitter) @louisiana_gov (instagram) OR send it to us in a direct message for us to post!

Sample Script: Script: “Hi, my name is (First name) and I Stand in Hope with Louisiana’s incarcerated youth. I am calling on our Governor John Bel Edwards to close youth prisons and invest in community-based alternatives.” [If you’d like you can add why this issue is important to you!]

Please note: By posting the video on social media or sending it directly to us you grant FFLIC the right to edit, use, and reuse the video and agree that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.


“We can all Stand in Hope with @FFLICLA by stopping the over-reliance on incarcerating children. @LouisianaGov I oppose the rebuild of Swanson-Monroe youth prison in Louisiana and want to see investment in community based alternatives.”

I Stand in Hope with incarcerated youth in hoping they may go home to their communities and receive the services and rehabilitation they need. I hope that @LouisianaGov will close youth prisons. #StandinHope2021

The #COVID19 pandemic has been especially difficult and isolating for incarcerated youth, and they need hope now more than ever. Stand in Hope with Louisiana’s incarcerated youth and @FFLIClA.  #FreeOurYouth #StandInHope2021. Learn more at