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In 2011, the Dignity in Schools Campaign launched a community engagement process to gather input from 8 states around the country with FFLIC providing input for Louisiana. This Model Code articulates a vision for all stakeholders based on the best practices, research and experiences of students, parents and educators from around the country, and on a human rights framework for schools that recognizes that the goal of education must be to support all children and young people in reaching their full potential. Human rights principles and values envision an educational system where schools adapt to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of every student, where students, parents, teachers and other members of the school community participate in decisions affecting education, where all students are treated with dignity and attend school free from discrimination of any kind, and where communities play a central role in monitoring education policies and practices to continuously improve educational outcomes for students. In adopting a human rights approach to education we aim to respect the rights and needs of the individuals who study in, work in and support our schools. The Model Code also presents policy-makers with recommended language for alternatives to pushout and zero-tolerance practices.

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