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Juvenile Justice Reform

FFLIC to meet with OJJ

By June 1, 2010April 11th, 2023No Comments

Continuing in the spirit of Juvenile Justice reform, FFLIC continues to advocate for change in the practices of the Office of Juvenile Justice. On April 13th FFLIC wrote a letter to Dr. Mary Livers who is head of Louisiana’s Office of Juvenile Justice. We asked her questions about the treatment of children who are incarcerated and why kids who have committed non-violent offences have been kept under such tight and secure supervision.

We know that youth prisons are torturous to our children and costly to our government. If they are so horrible and no one is winning, what is taking so long?

FFLIC is working to see that kids locked inside these prisions are safe. After weeks of waiting for a response, we are working to meet with the OJJ and hold them accountable for the abuse that continues inside these prisons.

To view the letter click here:

FFLIC’s letter to OJJ’s Director, Dr. Mary Livers