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Ask your representative to support SB 67!

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Action Alert ~ Action Alert ~ Action Alert ~ Action Alert ~ Action Alert ~ Action Alert

SAY YES to Senate Bill 67

School Discipline Reform Bill

Positive Effective Change at No Cost to Louisiana

TAKE 10mins and TAKE ACTION!

CALL: Call your or each House of Representative and let them know that you support SB 67, effective school discipline reform in Louisiana.  Urge the representatives to vote in favor of SB 67 when the bill is heard in committee on Tuesday, June 14th. Main Line for Reps 225-342-6945 Pulse 800-256-3793 (Members of the house committee on education contact information – attached)

EMAIL: Email your or each House of Representative, subject line should read: Support SB 67. See attached document for sample letter. Make it personal!

Let’s see our children stay in school and graduate on time. We must demand that best practices are used when addressing student behavior. Senate Bill 67 supports the La Department of Education in attaining the 9 Critical Goals nine (9) Critical Goals.  If we are to reform our education system we must reform the way we approach discipline in Louisiana schools. If we are to create a world class education system for all of Louisiana’s children, we must ensure that students are not hastily put out of school for minor “infractions”! Keeping kids in school should be a number one priority for our lawmakers. The Goal of SB 67 is to reduce the state’s suspension and expulsion rate (both in-school and out of school, without weakening the discipline law or eradicating authority from school leaders); and decrease the number of days a student is out of school for minor disciplinary reasons/infractions by means of amending and reenacting R.S. 17:416.

Data:  Passage of SB67 is one effective way to reduce the states suspensions and expulsion rate.

  • 138,518 Louisiana students received out-of-school suspensions during the 2009-2010 school year.[1]
  • 146,006 Louisiana students received in-school suspensions during the 2009-2010 school year.[2]
  • 21,972 Louisiana students received suspensions for willful disobedience during the 2009-2010 school year.[3]
  • 14,637 Louisiana students received in school suspension, out of school suspension or alternate site suspension for being habitually tardy or absent – types of suspension in-school 10,819, out-of school 2,839, alternate site 925.[4]


Suggested tips for contacting legislators:

  • Immediately let the legislator know if you are a constituent (live in his/her district)
  • Be prepared! Get to the Ask! Make it as personal as possible!
  • Let the legislator know that you will follow up with them regarding what specific steps they have taken to address your concern.
  • If you cannot talk to the legislator, leave a message with their staff person; request that your message be sent to his or her blackberry.
  • Document staff’s name, date and time of your call.

*Click here to read Senate Bill 67*

*Click here to donwload a sample letter to your senator*